Sergei Konnov took part in 2018 FLI NET Asia-Pacific Regional Conference

Senior partner of Konnov & Sozanovsky Sergei Konnov took part in 2018 FLI NET Asia-Pacific Regional Conference held in Shanghai on November 8 and 9, 2018.

The conference attracted lawyers from nearly 20 countries and regions including Korea, Japan, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, Ukraine, Belgium, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and New Zealand, etc.

The following issues came into focus of the Conference:

• how to better serve clients in the rapidly developing global market;
• how to better facilitate the exchanges and collaboration among legal professionals worldwide; the place and the role of the Asia-Pacific region;
• building of an international cooperation mechanism of law firms to strengthen effective connection in the legal service market.

A separate panel was devoted to the discussion focused on the topic “From a Client’s Perspective: Expectation on International Legal Counsels”. The client representatives from multinational companies and domestic renowned enterprises were invited to share their insights and experience.

Konnov & Sozanovsky is an exclusive member from Ukraine in FLI, the Brussels-based hub of a global network of over 80 independent, national law firms. FLI is committed to providing valuable cross-border legal support on a global basis.